Saint Petersburg

Numerous faces of St. Petersburg

It is rainy and dull with endless fogs and stormy weather. And that is all that we can say about Saint Petersburg.  You must be a real lucky to come and to catch  sunny and warm weather here. But there is something in Saint Petersburg that attracts crowds of people. This city has a lot of faces and names. It is called North Capital and Cultural Capital of Russia, it is also known as European Window, North Venice and the Cradle of three revolutions.  Saint Petersburg is special and when you are getting here, you begin to understand  that greatness, pride and feeling of that tragedy that this city  is soaking and breathing.

What to See/Do

Saint Petersburg is a Megapolis that offers a huge varieties of entertainment. You can find here almost everything up to your taste and preferences.

See draw bridges on Neva river during White Nights
Walk on the Roof System and see the city from the top
Taste the most delicious pyshki in the city
Make a flight over Kronshtadt and count military ships
Participate in the historical quest in Peter and Paul Fortress
7Take a ride on the numerous rivers and canals by the comfortable motor boat

Some Facts

Saint Petersburg has the deepest subway in the World. It’s average depth is 70-80 meters.
The pupils of Peter the Great on the Bronze Horseman are made in the shape of the heart.
All exponents of the Hermitage are secured from the small rodent by the permanent staff of the cats.
Saint Petersburg has approximately 100 Islands and about 800 bridges.
Peter the First made a tax on the beard. Nobles who refused to shave their beards had to pay for it.
Saint Petersburg is also known as the World Capital of trams. The total length of tram tracks is more then 600 km.

It is interesting that...

One more advantage of Saint Petersburg is its location according Moscow. The distance between these cities is 700 km. You can reach one city from another by speedy train Sapsan only for 3 hours ride. And we think that it is the great opportunity to discover 2 great cities without losing your time in the long journey.

A Bit of History

Saint Petersburg is obliged to its foundation to the Peter the Great who had analyzed geographical advantages of this place and made a decision to settle the city on the swampy area no matter how many loss of life’s should be paid  for this prize.  The date of foundation is the 16s of May when the cornerstone of the Peter and Paul Fortress was laid. The Tsar Peter the Great was

The Czar Peter I was very exited with his decision that is why  the whole Moscow court moved to St. Petersburg without  the completion of construction. Saint Petersburg had been proclaimed the new Russian Capital.

After Peter the Great’s death the city had been ruled by the members of Romanov Family during 200 years. Every Tsar and Tsaritsa  tried to bring to Saint Petersburg something unique. During this period, the city acquired those traits that are familiar to us now. Saint Petersburg was the center of political, cultural and scientific life. It was here the art and classical traditions of architecture were born. Numerous balls and masquerades  were organized for high society in the luxurious palaces.  Saint Petersburg was the place where gossips were intrigued, where the insidious plans of attempted murders were made. And  the revolution that changed the normal course of life  all over Russia was also  born here.

The last Tsar of Romanov dynasty Nikolai the Second had no desire to rune the country but he had no choice. He was indecisive and a little bit conservative however during his reign the tram tracks were launched, the city were lighted with electricity, the cars appeared on the streets and cinema began to join the cultural life.

Saint Petersburg had changed its German name to Petrograd. In 1917 Vladimir Lenin with Bolsheviks captured the power.  Six month later the capital officially moved from Petrograd to Moscow. Emperor Nicholas II was deposed from the throne, and the era of the o Romanov Family  Reign come to an end with the execution of the entire Royal family.

After Lenin’s death in 1924  Petrograd was renamed to Leningrad. This name is related with another tragic chapter of the City – a period of a siege during the Great Patriotic War. During 871 days of that siege about 800,000 people died from starvation, cold and bombing.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union Saint Petersburg  regained its historical name, but not a leading position, which were intercepted by Moscow.

A Bit of Geography

Peter the Great knew  what he was doing when he settled the city on the swamp.  In fact he opened the window from Russia to Europe and gave access to the Baltic sea that made Saint Petersburg the center of the world trade and culture.

Saint Petersburg has a  unique location not only in its close borders to Europe. In fact, it is the most Northern city in the world with a population of over a million people. Thanks to this location people had an opportunity to  observe a well – known phenomenon of White nights. Every year from mid-may to late July the sun set out beyond the horizon slightly, making the night in this period of time light.

Saint Petersburg  is situated in the Neva Delta, where are many rivers, canals and ducts. That is why, it is often compared with Venice and Amsterdam. On the other side the city is so frequent for floods. One of the most devastating flood occurred in 1824 when a lot of buildings were destroyed and approximately 600 people were killed by the disaster.

A Bit of Climate

Yes, the city is not lucky at all with its climate. Its damp, wet and cold. The air is smelling of the salt water of the Gulf, its high humidity here. Endless winds and rains, fogs, storm warnings, hurricanes and floods are  usual natural phenomena for Saint  Petersburg. But, as we say in Russia, forewarned is forearmed. Stock up on warm clothes, bring extra sweaters and warm socks, take a couple of raincoats and rubber boots and go walking. Maybe you will  be the lucky one who'll see sunny and warm days in Saint Petersburg. Sometimes it is happening here!

A Bit of Locals

Locals  in Saint Petersburg are very proud  of their history and status of the city. However, they still blame the Muscovites for the fact that the Capital moved to Moscow, leaving Peter with its history and culture on the margins. There is a silent confrontation between residences of these two cities. 

It is always easy to recognize  a native from a visitor in Saint Petersburg. They use special words from their vocabulary  and special pronunciation that they are proud for. This is their charm!

It is said that  if you want to feel yourself as a muscovite you have to live in Moscow for a few years. If you want to feel yourself as a resident of Saint Petersburg you should be born here at least at the third generation. That is it.  Local from  Saint Petersburg can  always find an hour or so to remember his favorite Esenin’s poetry, to think about eternity and to smell tasty fried smelt without hurry. Their attitude toward money is contemptuous. They are independent and poor financially, but not spiritually. In General, a true local of Saint Petersburg is  restrained, slow, self-sufficient, sometimes arrogant. But that doesn't make them less hospitable and tolerant, on the other hand. That is why we love them so much!

A Bit of Criminal

In 90s Saint Petersburg got back the status of the capital but non officially. For a long time the city remained the criminal capital of Russia and was known as “Gangster Petersburg.” The city is north, the life was harsh and manners were appropriate.

However everything had changed and Saint Petersburg again loose its status of the criminal capital of Russia.  There are no shooting and no bloody fights any more.  Calm  and peaceful, the  city greets its numerous guests. You can hear only volleys from the guns of the Bastion Fortress and the sound of the fireworks on the City Day! And its absolutely friendly!