Travelling with Kids

Russia for Your Kids

Russia Way In invites you and your closest ones to visit the most popular tourist destinations in Russia. Travel to Russia with kids, explore big cities, and enjoy the peacefulness of rural regions. Observe the authentic Russian culture, architecture, and traditions! It’s a great opportunity to learn something new with your kids every day!

Russia is for children, indeed. Just have a look at the famous characters and national symbols – Baba Yaga, notable bogatyrs, matryoshka dolls, balalaikas, and bears. They are all kind of childish, and your kids will definitely enjoy learning stories about them. So, do you want to have a memorable vacation? Take your kids to Russia with you! 

General Information

Russia is an interesting place not only for adults but also for children. It’s a big and beautiful country where your family can have fun and collect new experiences. Going on a tour to Russia with kids, you will get a chance to spend some quality time together. Throughout centuries, Russian peasant families have been rather large, and five or even eight children were quite a normal thing. Today many Russians have two or three kids, which means there are many children in the country on the whole, and that is why there’s a convenient and well-developed infrastructure for them in all major cities and popular tourist destinations. Russian weather is perfect for travelling with kids all year round. In winter, you can enjoy snowy days with sleighs, skates, skis, and snowboards. You can visit theme parks, play snowballs, and make snowmen. Your kids can say hello to Father Frost and visit his house as guests. During summer, there are many exciting places to visit too: national parks, art parks, museums, safari parks, zoos, quest centers, water parks, and much more. All entertainment options are quite affordable.

Did You Know That…?

In Russia, people are very concerned about children, even if it’s not their own ones. Don’t be surprised if a strange woman standing next to you in a queue suddenly starts giving you different pieces of advice on how to raise your kids. “Why is he crying? Perhaps, he is hungry.” or “Why doesn’t your daughter wear a scarf? She will catch a cold!” Don’t take it personally. Russians are very friendly and caring.


Child Healthcare in Russia

You don’t need to worry about your child’s health and safety during your trip to Russia. First of all, you can’t travel without health insurance for you and your kids, so medical care will be provided anyway.

  • If you need a drugstore, you can find it at every corner. Even in small towns and rural areas, there are many drugstores, and some of them even work around the clock.
  • Russian ambulance breaks all the records and arrives almost as fast as the Flash! You can call 112 or ask somebody else to dial the number. People in Russia never stay on the sidelines when someone needs help.
  • Hospitals work 24/7. Doctors here are highly qualified. They are kind to their little patients and sincerely worry about them.

Russian Food for Your Kids

When you travel to Russia with kids, you might be concerned about the local cuisine. Don’t worry, kids love Russian food! Although some dishes may look strange and unusual, it’s nothing extraordinary – nothing too spicy or too salty. Russian cuisine is very similar to European one. It includes various soups and porridges, which are delicious and healthy. Let’s not forget about the famous varenyky (dumplings with different filling). Russian pastry is also yummy, even parents find it hard to resist.

Most restaurants and cafes in big cities are child-friendly. They offer not only special child’s menus, which include pizza, French fries, burgers, pasta, etc. but also play areas. Staff members are always kind and friendly to kids. Some restaurants even hire a special person who organizes funny activities for your little ones while you’re dinning and relaxing. If you travel with a baby, you can use baby care rooms in some venues. 

Where to Buy Everything Your Kid Needs?

Whatever Russian city you are visiting, you will find everything your children need. The selection of kids’ products in local stores is pretty wide. On the shelves of any supermarket, you can see baby food and infant formulas as well as diapers, napkins, baby powder, creams, and lotions. Some of these goods are available at drugstores too. 


The transportation system in Russia is child-friendly, especially in big cities like Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. You can get about:

  • by car
    If you have a car, it’s obligatory to have a child seat, according to the law. If you’re going to call a taxi, you’d better inquire about a child seat in advance in order to avoid trouble.
  • by train
    If you choose to travel by train, you should note that there are special railcars for kids.
  • by public transport
    Subway, buses, trolleybuses, and trams are free for kids under 7 years old. Some transport stations have no ramps, which may cause difficulties if you are with a pram. But don’t be afraid – local people are always ready to help you out!
  • by airplane
    All airports work according to international standards. However, it’s recommended to inquire about the airport facilities and look through the rules that a certain airline has in advance. In major cities, on-site facilities include baby care rooms, playrooms, drugstores, and aid posts