Planning your vacation?

Russia is like a treasure coffer. You can open it and peruse the gems endlessly. Festivals, exhibitions, parties etc. take place in Russia all year round. And some attractions can be enjoyed only in certain seasons. Learn about the weather in Russia, to plan your vacation profoundly and make it memorable and emotional.

Relaxing holidays or an extreme expedition? Just pick the region!

Geographically, the country is located practically in all climatic zones, from the Arctic to Subtropics. Briefly about Russian nature:

  • The severe climate in the North of Russia is fully compensated by its scenic landscapes. You can enjoy expeditions, snowmobile tours, ethnic tours. But no bears in the streets, really.
  • The Far East climate is influenced by the ocean, which gradually changes it from continental to monsoon. Perfect for fishing, hunting, skiing and observing the exotic nature (volcanoes, beaches with black sand, mountain lakes, caves etc).
  • The climate of Central Russia is more predictable, less contrast and has clear division into 4 seasons.
  • The South Russian climate is perfect for beach recreation and resort health treatment.

The 4 seasons of Russia and their allures

It's hard to advise the best time when to visit Russia. Every season offers its attractions.


is the high season. Most travelers consider it perfect to enjoy the main allures of Russian nature to the full extent. In central Russia summer is not too hot. The average daily air temperature is + 25° C, low precipitation (beware of forest fires!). You can spend a really enjoyable holiday in Russia on the Black Sea coast. Going on a summer trip, do not forget to bring sunscreen and wear a hat. The hottest summer location is Sochi and the coldest is Novosibirsk.


in Russia is usually cold enough, windy, snowy and harsh. The average daily temperature across the country is about -15° C. Probably, the fans of extreme descents in the mountains will be excited by winter holidays in the central and southern regions of Russia: the weather conditions are not so severe, but snowy. Besides, you can go skating and participate in Russian winter festivals.


weather in Russia is at first muddy and floody, windy and stormy. In May the air warms up to + 20¬∞ C. The nature becomes fragrant and flamboyant, like in no other place on Earth. Be sure to bring warm clothes, as, when the sun sets, it becomes cool enough. In spring lots of tourists go to Karelia, to see its thousand lakes, mysterious islands and вАШmidnight sunвАЩ. Others sail down the rivers or see the sights of the famous "Golden Ring".


in Russia is the most unpredictable. In the end of August, the thermometer can show only + 14 ° C. "Indian Summer" throughout the country starts in September/early October, with short-term warming up to + 25° C. Autumn in Russia was the favorite season of famous Russian poets, writers and painters. The influx of tourists is decreasing; the nature is painted in gorgeous crimson colors. However, it might drizzle quite often. Rubber boots and umbrella will become your indispensable accessories.

Did you know that..?

The winter of 1759-1760 in St. Petersburg was so cold that mercury froze in thermometers. This allowed the scientists to make a unique discovery and capture mercury solidification temperature - minus 38.8° C. Before that, it had been believed that mercury is not a metal.

How do I survive winter during my vacation in Russia?

  • Take warm and practical boots. Snow is removed very selectively in the streets, so Russians prefer to wear ugly but safe footwear. They just roll like bulldozers!
  • Avoid visiting Russia in March and November - it's cold, floody and very windy. The puddles resemble lakes.
  • It's extremely hot in many buildings. This contrast will cause inconvenience, until you learn how to put on the layers of clothing the right way.

What is the weather of St. Petersburg like?

  • The Bible says that the rain had lasted 40 days and 40 nights. They called it a terrible catastrophe. In St. Petersburg they call it summer.
  • The 'Northern Venice' is a gloomy city and has only 62 sunny days per year; it often rains. To make the most of the sunny days, use them for walking and observing the city.
  • ¬†'Midnight sun'¬†is the symbol of St. Petersburg, such nights last about 50 days.¬†

Do Russian drink much alcohol because of the severe climate in Russia?

Definitely! There is a saying, вАШThe weather in any location, where any Russian citizen is present, is automatically considered as severe climate. For example, today: the weather is marvelous, but the climate is still damn severe!!вАЩ