What to buy

Most popular and authentic souvenirs in Russia

The variety of authentic Russian souvenirs in Moscow is so tremendous, that itвАЩs easier to count the riches Russia does not have.The prices range from very low to obscenely high, but there is choice for everyone - from caviar and vodka to diamonds and furs. Now heads up and hold tight, we're going to show you a list of the most sought after presents from the largest country in the world!

What are typical russian souvenirs?

Well, it's natural to start with the most popular things to buy in Russia and finish with the most exquisite ones. Russia is the best place in the world to buy vodka and caviar - supermarkets offer high quality choice of this вАШbeloved coupleвАЩ. The price starts at $40 per 1 liter of premium vodka and $10 for 100 grams of Far East caviar. Samovar, a symbol of comfortable home and family unity. It is designed to keep the water hot for hours and thus assures long and pleasant tea-talks, which will be even more pleasant if you treat your friends to Russian honey. It's a delicious dessert and a wholesome beauty product. In Russia honey and apiproducts are used to cure lots of diseases. The price is about $10 per kilo. What are the best things to buy in Russia if you want a souvenir that may serve both as children's toys or an interior decoration? For sure, choose matryoshka. Richly decorated nested dolls, hidden one inside the other, are widely represented in gift shops. Their number can vary from 10 to 50 and the design may be very creative - from iconic large-eyed girls in national clothes to comic portraits of famous Russian statesmen and pop-stars.

Top 4 Russian souvenirs for fashionistas

Fashion lovers will find no less hot numbers in Russian stores than gourmets.

Orenburg shawl

Covering your shoulders with a shawl is a posh way to survive severe winters. This quality hand-knitted woolen lace has conquered the hearts of women with its warmth, softness and romantic beauty; it was even elegized in songs. Originally grey or white, now it goes in many colors. The price starts from $100.

Artisan jewelry: finifty and amber

In the vintage finifty bracelets and rings, lockets and hairpins with floral motives you will look like a real princess of elves. Genuine handcraft finifty is created only in Rostov, Russia. Amber, "the tears of the Sun", is very much loved by artisans in Russia. It may vary in color but most often it reminds golden honey or hardened sunlight.


Historically premium export product and kind of natural currency, so-called "soft gold". Not just a luxury item, but a means of surviving in the severe climate, fur has always been the symbol of deep spousal love and care. The price of a long coat will start from $2000 and depend on the type of fur - lambskin, sable, polar fox, mink, ermines.

Valenki (felted boots)

No other shoes will save you in -30..-40 °C. Worn more than a millenium ago by the nomads of the Great Steppe, they are now part of the Russian army winter uniform. In the end of the 20th century the shoes were considered as old-fashioned country footwear. Nowadays valenki come into vogue. They are produced in different colors and decorated with embroidery, crystals and leather.



Did you know that..?

"Krasnaya Moskva" (вАЬRed Moscow") perfume is the feminine symbol of Soviet Union. Its rich, sensual and lasting fragrance opens with neroli and bergamot, rose and jasmine. The basic note is ilang-ilang, and the trail includes vanilla and iris. The author of "Krasnaya Moskva" is a Moscow perfumer of French origin, Henri Brocard. He created this masterpiece in 1913 under the name "The Empresses' Bouquet", in honor of Maria Fyodorovna, mother of the last emperor of Russia, Nikolay II. After the Bolshevik Revolution, the Brocard perfumery was renamed to "Novaya Zarya" ("The New Dawn"), and the creation - to "Red Moscow". All Soviet ladies were crazy about the perfume, including the movie star Lyubov Orlova and Valentina Tereshkova, the first lady-astronaut. Since the dawn of the Soviet era, the design of the perfume bottle has remained traditional.

What are typical Russian souvenirs that are the most affordable?

  • Vodka and shot glasses (stopki)
  • Chocolate and candies
  • Crosses and religious artefacts
  • Valenki
  • Books

What are the best things to buy in Russia if you are an art lover?

  • Tretyakov Gallery Photo Album. Printed in Russian and English on thick glossy paper and illustrated with quality photos, the album comprises the detailed history of the best canvases exhibited in the museum.
  • Palekh and Fedoskino Lacquer Boxes. Romantic papier-m√Ґch√© box covered with black lacquer. On top of it, intricate and eye-catching miniatures are painted with special, seemingly glowing paints. The box is a perfect place to keep love letters or jewelry.
  • Zhostovo Trays. Created since 1825, these hand-painted trays depict enigmatic still lives and landscapes, seldom portraits, and resemble Italian paintings of Renaissance.
  • Dymkovo Toys. These cute and bright hand-painted clay toys feature legendary heroes, birds or animals. They have intricate ornaments and symbols, which date back to the pre-Christian era of Russia.

What should I know when making purchases in Russia?

Buying Russian souvenirs, beware. The regulations of "cultural value" objects are very strict. The sticker "no export" can be found even on a pair of ballet shoes. Be attentive and keep the receipts.