Rail adventure from St. Petersburg to Kazan

Contrasts of Russia.
Be different. Be open-minded. Вe adventures.

Rail trip along all central Russia. Real adventure and unique experience. 6 cities, 5 kremlins, 3 capitals and 3 cuisines, 2 different religions… folklore, tastings, many kilometers, new friends and unforgettable emotions. Make your own opinion about contrasts of Russia.

from 1700€
11 days

What will you do

You will travel by train along all central Russia, see the most beautiful cities, taste different cuisines, learn about history, getting acquainted with locals and have a real adventure!

Walk on the roofs of St. Petersburg
Visit the racy «rumochnaias» of St.Petersburg
Discover the center of Russia's northern capital
Learn the proper way to snack and drink vodka
Travel by boat on the canals of St.Petersburg
See the Kremlin in Veliky Novgorod

What Is Included?

Visa support (invitation)
Accommodation 10 nights (3*Hotels)
All transport (transfers, cars, metro, rail)
8 guide walks
Vodka museum with tasting
Roof experience
Quest at Peter&Paul Fortress
Gastro Trip to Danilovsky Market
Mead Tasting
Cooking master class
Local dinner
Guide book

Do you want to change the train to the plane?

Or… do you want to add some additional days in Kazan, St. Pete or Moscow! No problem! Just send a request and we will organize it!

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From St. Pete to Kazan by train

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11

Saint Petersburg. Arrival Day

Today we will be waiting for you in the airport – to meet you and transfer to the hotel.

Saint Petersburg . Getting acquainted.

As usual we start our first day in St. Petersburg with a big tour with our special local guide. Take a look at Nevsky Prospekt, Palace Square, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Smolniy Palace, the Bronze Horseman, the Hermitage, Mikhailovsiy Palace and all the other architectural gems. We not only walk, but also use the local buses, trolley buses, the subway and taxis, when necessary.
Included activity: a climb to the roofs of St. Petersburg, accompanied by a professional digger. We will get a bird's eye view of the city, learn about the buildings of Nevsky Prospekt, take a lot of cool pictures.
Optional evening activity – a tour of the city's most renown eateries and rumochnaias, where you can taste not only local drinks, but also to discover the full flavor of low-cost places and feel like a local.

Meals included: Breakfast

Saint Petersburg. Explore and discover.

In the morning we go to the Peter and Paul Fortress for an unusual walk-quest! It will be incredibly interesting – we'll be looking to answer questions, solve riddles, have fun and simultaneously learn about one of the most popular sites of the city!

After lunch we go to the famous Museum of vodka – we will learn a lot about the most Russian drink in the world, taste different varieties, learn to snack properly.

Additional evening activity – boat-ride alongs the canals of St. Petersburg

In the evening – a list of recommended bars and restaurants.

Meals included: Breakfast

Saint-Petersburg –Velikiy Novgorod. Train trip.

In the morning we get on the train and go to one of the most ancient cities of Russia – Novgorod. Here we will stay just one night. Upon arrival, we go to the huge citadel (kremlin), ancient Orthodox churches, bridges and brigs. If there is time - trying to get in Vitoslavlice – a Museum of Wooden Architecture, where you can find objects from the 15th century. Very picturesque and authentic place.
In the evening – have dinner and gather strength before the trip to Moscow.

Meals included: Breakfast

Velikiy Novgorod - Moscow. Train trip.

In the morning we head off to Moscow. The road will be various and interesting. First we will drive 70 km by car to the railway station and then transfer onto the high-speed train Sapsan that will whisk us to Moscow in just 2.5 hours.
And here we are in the city center – on the Three-stations Square. In fact, the very busy program begins here. Get ready to learn everything over the next two days!
After checking into the hotel and having a short rest, we go on a comfortable (after all, we are tired!) driven tour, during which we will see the main sites of the city, learn how the city fun ctions, study different architecture – generally, each will form their own view of the capital. The building of Moscow State University, Sparrow Hills, Novodevichy Convent, Christ the Savior Cathedral, the Bolshoi Theatre, the Boulevard Ring, Tverskaya street, and more – all in one trip.
In the evening – for the toughest – a list of recommended restaurants and bars.

Meals included: Breakfast

Moscow. The Heart of Russia.

Today we visit the very heart of Moscow – the Kremlin. We will get a full tour of the inner territory and will see all the objects behind its walls – cathedrals, palaces, bell towers, chambers. Look inside the armory, where we'll see the treasures of the tsarist empire. You are in the spot, where the fate of the largest country in the world was fared for centuries. After the Kremlin, we slowly walk about the surrounding attractions – the Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral. We will see the walls of the Kremlin from the outside, count the towers, climb to the observation deck of the cathedral.
The most tireless can visit GUM, to try the most delicious ice cream in Moscow.
Evening Activity – gastro-trip to Danilovsky Market. Know more about the different products in Russia, taste interesting dish and get acquainted with the most popular market in Moscow.

Meals included: Breakfast

Moscow- Suzdal. Train Trip.

In the morning we take a high-speed train to Suzdal – an ancient city, a gem in the Golden Ring of Russia. Here we will have one very busy day. We will see the Suzdal Kremlin, stroll down the main street, study a few Orthodox monasteries. We will also taste mead – a traditional honey-based Russian drink.
Included evening activity – a visit to one of the best Russian national restaurants. We will try a modern interpretation of traditional Russian dishes.

Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner

Suzdal - Nizhniy Novgorod. Train trip.

In the morning we go to the open-air Museum of wooden architecture, where we learn who peasants and merchants are, and how they lived. We can buy souvenirs, grab a snack and get on the train that will take us to Nizhny Novgorod.
By 6 pm we plan to arrive in Nizhny Novgorod, and check into the hotel.

Meals included: Breakfast

Nizhniy Novgorod. Evening train to Kazan.

In the morning we go for a walk to the Kremlin, which is the fourth one in our trip. Now we definitely have something to compare! We'll stroll along the main pedestrian street of the city, see interesting old buildings, walk about the Kremlin, then the embankment-promenade and enjoy the views of the main river of central Russia – the Volga river.
Additional activity - a trip to the Museum of the GAZ factory – the main Soviet automobile factory, which produces models of track vehicles, trucks, cars and military vehicles. An amazing collection of Soviet-made vintage cars are found in the museum.
In the evening we get on a real train, order traditional tea in glass cups and lay down to rest. Our journey will take 8 hours of the night.

Meals included: Breakfast


After a short break from the road we go on a sightseeing tour through the city center, where we learn about Tatarstan, the origin of the name of Kazan, who is Ivan the Terrible, and that he was doing here. We will see the main buildings and streets, learn about their history, see the local culture.
We visit the heart of Kazan - the Kremlin. Accompanied by a guide we will explore all the buildings inside the Kremlin – mosques, churches, towers, monasteries - all within the walls of one structure!
Included Activity – a master class on making «echpochmak» and chak-chak – a traditional Tatar dish.
In the evening - a trip to a local restaurant to learn the basics of Tatar cuisine.

Meals included: Breakfast


Departure day. Transfer to the airport at any time.