Be modern. Be authentic. Be wild.

One trip and three different stories. So European and cultural St.Petersburg, so outstanding, bright and modern Moscow, so wild and natural Baikal. Explore the difference and make your own choice. 6000 kilometers: trains, planes, boats, jeeps, foot – you will use all these types of transport. Palaces and Squares, Churches and cozy streets, Wild nature and deep forests. One country, one territory and your own experience.

from 1500 euros
12 days

What will you do

Explore the city center of St.Petersburg with the guide
Ride the tsarist railroad
Know more about Stalin’s empire
Explore the way of life in Siberia and check local wooden houses
Try saguday and smoked omul
Go down to the secret Bunker

What Is Included?

5 excursions (St.Peter, Moscow, Baikal)
Shaman ritual
UAZ experience on Baikal
Visa support
All local transport
Quest in St.Petersburg
Accommodation 3*-4*(11 nights)
Boat trip to Ogay Island
Gastronomical walk to Danilovsky Market
Vodka tasting
Circum Railway trip
Lunches and Dinners at Baikal


Create your individual trip

If you want to learn more about magic Siberia and explore the Buryat’s part of Baikal with it’s shamans, rituals and Buddhist traditions  - no problem! We will customize this program especially for you.

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Arrive at any time. We will meet you in the airport and transfer to your hotel. Rest. 

St.Petersburg. Sightseeing Walk.

Sightseeing walk through the most interesting streets, buildings and places. We’ll explore St.Petersburg by foot, metro and bus. We will check Nevsky Prospect, Church of the Savior on spilled Blood, the Majestic Kazan Cathedral, Palace Square, the Bronze Horseman the Hermitage, the Mikhailovsiy palace and other interesting architectural pearls. You will learn a bit about the history of St.Peter, about the plan of the city, and about locals.

We will visit Vodka Museum and take a special tasting set -  know more about the history of this drink, learn the rules of Russian feast and taste warm and cold snacks, compare different types of vodka.

Evening: A list of recommended bars and authentic restaurants.

St. Petersburg. Peter’s and Paul’s Fortress, Hermitage, River Boat.

Special Quest to Peter and Paul’s Fortress. In a game form with some actions and brain storming you’ll explore the original citadel of St. Petersburg, founded by Peter the Great in 1703.

Then we are going to visit Hermitage Museum and get acquainted with the beautiful building inside and the biggest collection of art in Russia.

Additional experience – river-boat trip through the channels of St.Peter. 

St. Petersburg-Moscow

Morning speedy train to Moscow. You have 3.5 hours to get ready for next city – the heart of Russia.

Check inn. Light walk to the ancient center of Moscow. Red Square and neighboring area: Bright Nikolskaya street, cozy Varvarka, famous Tretiakovsky, Busy Kuznetsky Most.  Bolshoi Theatre, St.Basil’s Cathedral, GUM and finally – Red Square, Historical Museum, Alexander Garden and the walls of Kremlin. visit Lenin’s mausoleum and feel yourself a bit communist, check the pride of Moscow – the guard of Honor near the Eternal Flame and make a wish on the zero kilometer.

Evening: dinner 

Moscow. Kremlin excursion.

In the morning we go to the Kremlin guide-tour: get to know what does "detinetz" mean, listen and watch many interesting things. The Kremlin inside is almost a town with different constructions, architectural masterpieces and solid history. Finally we visit the Armory Museum with the brilliant collection of treasures of the Royal Russian Empire.

Second part of the day:   walk with local (using metro and car). We will visit: Moscow State University, Moscow Business City , Novodevichy Convent, Arbat Street.

Evening: our recommends

Moscow Soviet Day.

Visit Moscow Metro – the most beautiful subway in the world.

Bunker 42 Excursion - The only one declassified military object in Russia, which is located at a depth of 65 meters under the ground in the center of Moscow, as an anti-nuclear bunker.

A special gastronomical walk to Moscow’s food market, where you will taste a lot of products and get acquainted with several cuisines of Russia.

Free time


Flight (according to the schedule). Arrive to Irkutsk. The interesting fact is that travelling to Irkutsk takes more than 11 hours. Why? First of all the flight from Moscow to Siberian city takes 5.5 hours. Second reason is that Irkutsk is situated in other time zone! The difference is plus 5 hours! That is why if you start your trip from Moscow at 7.00 am you will reach Siberia at 6 pm (Siberian time). We can book night flight or day flight – as you wish. Anyway we think that you should have one day for this teleport)

Irkutsk - Baikal Listvyanka.

In the morning we will travel to lake Baikal. The shortest way to the lake from Irkutsk is about 70 km. On the way we will visit open-air museum called Taltsy where you’ll have a chance to learn about life of different locals inhabiting Siberia, go inside old wooden houses and a fortress and enjoy the Angara riverside and wonderful nature around.    

Then we will head to  Listvyanka where you’ll see Baikal for the first time. We’ll have lunch in one of the restaurant on Baikal shore, visit souvenir and fish market and just walk around the village. As you’ll have seen Baikal it’s time to learn more about it -  visit Baikal museum with a lot of information about the lake and big aquariums where fish and seals from Baikal live.

Overnight in Listvyanka

Irkutsk. Circum Baikal Railway

This day you’ll see a unique engineering construction built in the very beginning of the 20th century – Circum Baikal Railway. It’s 89 km long and has 39 tunnels. Having been built on the rocky shore of Baikal with a lot of efforts and money spent it worked only for 50 years though. Now it is a dead-end and a great touristic attraction.

You will ride a train down that road, making a few stops to enjoy the nature, listen to the guide’s stories and have lunch.


This day we’ll finally go to the “heart of Baikal” – Olkhon island. It’s a long way (250 km). On the way we’ll visit the village of Buguldeika with wonderful lake and river views and a great marble career. As we arrive to the ferry to the island, we’ll change cars for a Russian jeep and head to Khuzhir village. On the way we’ll visit Khalzyn place with a great view and big chance to see Baikal seals in nature. As we arrive to Khuzhir we’ll stay in a hotel, have dinner and walk to Burkhan Cape.


This day Olkhon will open its mystery to us. We’ll take a Russian jeep tour to the very north on the island. Road to there is pretty terrible, but the views and capes we’re going to see will totally impress you! On one of the stops the driver will cook picnic lunch for us to eat outside enjoying the view. Also you’ll learn a lot of legends, fairytales and history of these places.


In the morning we’ll check out of the hotel and take a boat trip to Ogoy island – the one with Buddhist Stupa on it. It’s a wonderful place, which has strong energetics appreciated by people belonging to different religions. It also shows a wonderful view to the Small Sea Strait, Olkhon island and the mountains. After Ogoy the boat will drop us off on the land and we’ll get in the car to Irkutsk. On the way to the city we’ll make two stops besides the one for lunch: to see ancient rock drawings and to visit Buryat museum and shaman ritual. As we arrive to Irkutsk and check in we’ll have a festive dinner in the city.

Overnight in Irkutsk (or night flight to Moscow)


Flight to Moscow. Arrival flight back home!