Tour St.Petersburg - Sochi - Moscow

Be multicultural. Be different. Be Nordic. Be Tropic.

Northern winds and classic Сharm of SaintPetersburg, Caucasus' hospitality and tropic sun of Sochi, modern rhythm and authentic atmosphere of Moscow. Different faces, different cities, different stories. But they all take place in Russia.

1400 €
8 days

What will you do

A bit gastronomic, a bit drinking, definitely sightseeing and exploring, a bit historical and adventurous trip is what you should expect.

Watch well-known Olympic village in special place
Get to know how to drink vodka with special Russian snacks
Rock on the giant swing
Perceive out if the Black Sea is really black and get to know why is it so
Sweat in Russian steamed bath (banya)
Watch the Neva river's bascule bridges lifting at night from the board of a ship

What Is Included?

Visa support (invitation)
Accommodation 8 nights (3*Hotels)
All ground transport (transfers, cars, metro, ski-passes)
Flight SPB-Sochi-Mow
Vodka museum with tasting
Roof experience
5 guide walks
UAZ jeeping in mountains
Khachapuri master-class
Gastro walk to Caucasian Market
Tickets to Kremlin and audio guide
Russia Way In guidebook and our recommendations

Create your individual  trip!  

If you want to add some special activities or have more dates or change the destination then  send us a request and we will customize this tour for you!

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From North to South.

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Day 2
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Day 8
Day 9

Saint Petersburg. Arrival Day

Today we will be waiting for you in the airport – to meet you and transfer 

Saint Petersburg. Getting acquainted.

Let's take a long walk in the center of the city: see the Nevsky Avenue, the Palace Square, the Isaakiy cathedral, the Smolniy Palace, the Bronze Horseman, the Hermitage, the Mikhailovsiy palace and all the other architectural pearls. We are not only walking but also using local buses, trolleybuses and metro, and taxi when forceless. 
Discover unbelievable view from St. Piters' roofs (absolutely legal) and feel the true romance.
Additional activity: The Vodka Museum, tasting set. We are going to know more about the history of this drink, learn the rules of Russian feast and taste warm and cold snacks, compare different types of vodka.
In the evening it's party time in the most popular bars and fleshpots with life music, local jazz bands. You'll definitely have several spicy stories for your friends.

Meals included: Breakfast


Saint Petersburg. Time to explore palaces.

Saint Petersburg. We are going to explore the Peterhoff countryside residence of former Russian monarchs which is also known as the Russian Versal or the capital of fountains. We have enough time here to walk, examine magnificent decoration of imperial chambers and make photos. When feel a little bit exhausted we need to replenish energy with a nice lunch in close gastro-pab with local craft beer and splendid steaks. After meal we go back to St.Peters.
Additional activity: go for a ride along the Neva's beautiful channels on a motor ship and be impressed with classic architecture masterpieces.
Night activity: watch the Neva river's bascule bridges lifting from a board of motor ship.

Meals included: Breakfast

Saint-Petersburg – Sochi. Move from North to South.

Today we move from our northern capital to wellknown south resort town- the tropical Sochi. The flight takes 2,5 hours. We head for the Krasnaya Polyana right from airport. This place is located in the mountains at the height of 500 meters under the sea level and hosted the Olimipic Games of 2014. We take a walk on picturesque embankment, rise funicular to the Rosa Peak and make some fantastic view-photos. 
In the evening we have dinner at authentic Russian restaurant where all meals made from local ingredients. We go this cozy place by Russian minibus "the loaf". Degustation of Krasnodar region wines and local steak is what you need in the end of rich in impressions day.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Sochi. Discover and taste.

In the morning we are going to explore the Caucases National Park with the help of experienced guides using brutal Russian jeep UAZ. We expect to see all the wild nature beauties like waterfalls and mountain lakes, green meadows, mountain ranges, canyons and cavities. Finally we are going to make up our mind what does Caucases really look like.
Included activity - khachapuri masterclass. Khachapuri is traditional Georgian dish which became part of Soviet style Sochi cuisine. It is made of hearty amount of homemade cheese and baked in special oven. Cook and try!
Additional activity - the Sochi Sky Park is definitely one of the coolest extreme amusement in Europe with bungee-jumping, troll and giant mega-swing. If you want some truly bright emotions go for it!
In the evening we move to Adler town, accommodation in the Olympic village.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Olympic Sochi and local products.

We are going to explore the Olympic Park that was built on the shore of the Black Sea specially for the Olympic Games of 2014. We have a lot of fun riding an electric car and examine Fisht stadium, Large stadium, Ice stadium, the Formula 1 track and all other objects of titanic construction park.
Together with those new impressions we can simply enjoy the Black Sea shore, beach life and watch colorful Russian tourists. 
Included activity - Take a gastro-tour of the Adler's food market with all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, fragrant spices and unexpected cool homemade beverages.
Night flight to Moscow city.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch

Moscow. The main highlights.

We take a observing tour of the city and get acquainted with remarkable architectural sights like Moscow State University, Moscow-city business center, the Novodevichiy monastery, the Bolshoy Theatre, the Cathedral of the Redeemer, KGB building and much more. Take photos and make your own opinion. Then we take a walking tour of the Red Square, the St.Basils Cathedral, GUM shopping center, Nikolskaya street. When work up an appetite let's taste the best burgers in Moscow in a super popular restaurant The Farsh. It's always crowded and loud here but worth it.

Optional activity #1: Visit Sanduny Bath - feel like a real Russian and learn how to “put on some steam” in the most beautiful and luxury Bath in Moscow.

Optional activity #2: Bolshoi Theatre (Ballet or Opera, tickets on request)

Optional activity #3: Dinner in famous Russian Restaurant with New Russian Cuisine

Optional activity #4: Drink’s trip to the interesting, authentic, secret, local bars with a special guide.

Meals included: Breakfast

Moscow.Ancient and Soviet Moscow. Feel the difference .

In the morning we go to the Kremlin guide-tour, get to know what does "detinetz" mean, be ready to listen and watch many interesting things. The Kremlin inside is almost a town with different constructions, architectural masterpieces and solid history. Finally we visit the Armory Museum with the brilliant collection of treasures of the Royal Russian Empire.
Additional activity - visit the Stalin's Bunker many meters under ground that is still keeping scaring secrets, mysteries and hard-to-believe legends. Feel yourself an oppresive leader and hold to push the red button.
Evening is a party-time all over the world same in Moscow. We preliminary prepare the list of "must visit" night clubs and life music bars to start with an acid jazz ended up with hard rock, from light sparkling wine to strong spirits.
Meals included: Breakfast

Moscow. Departure Day.

Today is the last day. We will transfer you to the hotel at any time.
Meals included: Breakfast.